Getting A Degree Will Improve My Life

My parents always told me how important getting a good education was. While I believed them, I also wanted to make my way in the world the way I wanted to make my way. Now, I am realizing that to get to where I want to go in life, going back to school to get my degree will improve my life. Getting a better education will allow me to be able to get a better career and ultimately receive a better salary. For these reasons and many more, I am really excited to be going back to school to get my degree.

After I get my degree, I can picture getting the office of my dreams, the career of my dreams, and the salary that will afford me the lifestyle I really want. I am excited and ready to start studying again. I know I will be able to be committed to school because I know that it will bring greater things into my life. I know I will definitely have to rearrange my current schedule. I know that I will probably also not have as much time to spend with my friends and loved ones, but it is for a good reason. I know the people who truly care about me will always understand and only support my dreams and goals.

I know that it will be fun to go back to school because I will be able to make new friends and network with new people. There will people that I can meet in class that will help me study and help expand my social circle. I know it will be a good experience for me on all levels. Life is about new experiences, good times, and enjoying life to the fullest, no regrets and feeling like one is accomplishing the dreams and goals one is moving toward.

I am also thinking about what I can do with the money I will make after I get my degree. I know that I will finally be able to save money. I will finally be able to buy the car of my dreams and home of my dreams. I just will have much more financial freedom and much less stress. I am just so excited to start school because it will bring me that much closer to reaching all my dreams.

I have other friends and loved ones who have decided to go back to school or are already back in school also. I know we will be able to keep each other motivated and positive about all the hard work we have ahead of us. The more support the better. Who knows maybe some of my friends or loved ones will decide to create a business together in the future? I am just tired of talking about my dreams and not doing anything about them. Truly excited about this new chapter in my life!

New Career With Financial Stability

Getting an education was only the first step to achieving my career goals in life. The road was not easy especially for someone like me who has three children who needs every ounce of attention they can grab. Even with them always screaming “mom” I still find the time to go to work everyday to make sure our financials are met for comfortable living.

Applying For Courses

Making the decision to further education to find an out of the home career was more difficult than I expected. Everyone in my family had grown so dependent on me to be at their every call. I spoke to advisory specialists at multiple schools to find out the courses they offered, tuition prices, and to find out if it was best for me to obtain a degree from home or attend classes on campus. After talking to about six schools I finally made the decision that would lead me to the stable life I have now.

Balancing Class And Home

Guess what? Online courses was my choice, so that I could take care of home and complete classwork when I had the time. Coursework was completed three to four nights of my busy week, but I managed to not over exert myself. The children were amazed when I finished my degree in less than two years, and they even attended the graduation with me for my Associates in Accounting.

Beginning A New Career

From since I can remember I loved counting everything from the amount of crayons inside a crayola box to the amount of raindrops that were falling outside. It was difficult to get an accurate count of the raindrops, but I would always find a way to multiply or crunch them into so many drops per second.

My new career as a financial analyst is one that I truly enjoy. Sitting in a desk for eight hours is ten times better than sitting at home all day planning what the children are going to wear for school the next day. They pay is exceptional, and now I am able to assist my husband with financials.

Financial Stability

There is never a question about overspending within the month now. My husband and I also now have the vacation and savings account. My life could would not have changed for the better if I did not time to take that extra step. So my next goal is enrolling for more online classes to excel in my career with a bachelors degree.

Pursuing a Nursing Degree

I’ve always liked people, especially elderly people. The stories that they tell are fascinating. The longer people have lived, the better the stories they have to tell, and the better they tell them. They’ve seen so many things, been so many different places, and done so many things that I can’t even imagine yet.

When my children were all in school, I found myself at loose ends for the first time. I had always found staying at home fulfilling, but now my kids were older. They didn’t need me as much, and I found that I was interested in pursuing a career of my own. That’s when I started thinking about a career in nursing. With a specialization in elderly care, I’d have the opportunity to spend each day working with the people who fascinated me the most.

I’ve loved being back in school. My classes are challenging but interesting, and while several of my classmates are much younger than I am, there are several people my age who are looking into pursuing career changes of their own. I love every day of it, and I can’t wait to finish my degree and start working. In addition to the value of having a career of my own, I’ll be able to contribute to the family income for the first time in years. That will offer our family opportunities that we haven’t had since I’ve been staying home with the kids, including the chance to take vacations and make purchases that would have been impossible for us before. I’m so glad that I decided to go back to school, and I think pursuing a career is one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself and my family.

Start your career path!

In high school, I had squeaked by with passing grades, but did not appreciate the love of learning. Once graduated I attended a technical program working with severely disabled children. While, I enjoyed the internship immensely after the program I started a family with my high school sweetheart. To my dismay that program I attended had disbanded and I was no longer qualified to work that job without furthering my education. Years past and I worked some low paying jobs. Once all my children became school aged, I was left with a very limited career path and low income jobs.

Going to community college and getting a two year degree opened many doors for me that I felt would unfortunately have stayed shut. I was pleasantly surprised with the new income and the flexibility of jobs that I could now achieve with an education.

There are so many career paths that start with a two year degree. Some of the certificate programs are just one year programs. There are so many opportunities for financial assistance ranging from loan programs to grants that essentially fully cover tuition. Some people qualify for additional assistance for purchasing books. There are many websites that offer textbook rentals, also. Those can be rented for very low costs. In addition, if you keep your book in good shape, you can often return a book bought from college book stores.

So, with all of these helpful programs in place to enable people from all walks of life to get an education, now is the perfect time for you to start! Don’t delay any longer. The only thing to lose is the dead end job that you can quit after you finish school and ultimately land a fulfilling career.

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